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PROJECT CHECKLIST for Going Viral !!

The Saturday Morning Post

checklist ImageA very good morning to you all,

So now that you have decided on building an App, Software Program or Product, we move to project management.  Project management consists of three areas scope, time, and cost.

Scope has three areas function, features, and ergonomics.


     Function is efficiently completing the task, goal or event desired.  The key consideration here is to accomplish it efficiently. The simpler is always the best.  Streamline the path with the least amount of encumbrances possible!

                                             Think Apple not Microsoft!

      Features fall into two categories core and optional.  The question here is which features benefit the consumer/ user the most and which are necessary?  Decide and focus on your core features first, then make your selection of optional features in order of end-user necessities. The thought here is to introduce optional and advanced features later on creating new programs, models or sku’s. In essence creating a line of products!

                                              Create a line of products!

     Ergonomics is the most critical and least understood elements of design. It is to design for the optimization of human well-being and overall system performance. In essence the sampler the better, having your product cluttered with a cumbersome path of options and choices to task completion, reduces great products to marginal products and sometimes to failure The reason most designers cannot see it, is because they are too immersed and deeply imbedded in the products function and features which are important, but the way a product looks, feels, and works is what sells it!

                                         Click to task is always a winner!

Steve Jobs founder of Apple computer really understood product design.  His philosophy was two buttons on/ off and volume control.  The essence was to turn the product on and go to task, not take you on a trip on the way to task!

        Time and Cost are basic vender selections, scheduling, and accounting functions done after the project has been defined.

                                                            Steps to Success


                                                                Feature selection

                                                                Ergonomic refinements

                                                                Vendor selection



This deliberately brief overview and checklist, will allow you to consider all of the elements that need to be reviewed on the way to your successful project and business quickly.  This is the first feasibility step in determining your success.  The remaining two feasibility steps are Distribution and Capitalization which are the next to follow.

For an additional conversation or more information I can be reached at:   richard@bizbuzznyc.com

Or also please consider,

TechProduct Development& Sourcing Consultants at:  demmerich@techproductsourcing.com

Thank you, Richard

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