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Greetings and welcome to the BizBuzzNYC Steps to Success Series! A must read for startup entrepreneurs and new businesses, consisting of thinking points (steps) in a check list format for a quick read and later review. Presented in a logical sequence of events. Most of us reading this article have entrepreneurial skills and a keen eye for product, but what about the rest? This series is about basics, all of the basics which are the necessary foundation for your new successful and sustainable business. In essence, we are attempting to review the elements that most entrepreneurial startups and new businesses frequently miss, are unaware of, avoid or skip over. Wishing you luck and a great success in your new business venture. Richard

Packaging Retail

  Packaging Retail Packaging design strategy is critical for retail packaging.  Think of Product packaging as a sales demonstration presented on your custom packaging  Packaging design The first time you went out to buy soap detergent you probably bought tide. Why? Because you saw it on your mother’s shelf your whole life and how could […]

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How To Price A Product

INTRO currently we are blogging our way through the startup phase which is the second step in the Steps To Success series on what you need to do for starting up a successful sustainable new business. The startup phase assumes you completed the feasibility analysis step one and you know how much money you need for […]

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4-5-6-, The Marketing Shtick !

Startup-Marketing By Richard      March 22, 2014         STARTUP – During this phase strong attention must be paid to the enclosed marketing roll-out items and schedule.  And for new readers please review the previous steps to success blogs of feasibility and startup.  This enables you to determine your business roll-out date […]

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How to start up a business

Start A Business, 1-2-3 Go!     Don’t be a klutz!  Look act and sound professional with purpose, competence and confidence!  1-2-3 GO! will do exactly that!  By completing these three things first, you’ll be 90% there!  Do this first, and nothing else until completed! See your Attorney first to legalize your company and be prepared […]

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Business Plan

Business Plan Generally speaking there are two types of business plans.  A financial plan used to attract financing and capital; and the general business plan or masterplans which charts a way forward through strategic planning identifying the business goals, critical success factors and dates for your businesses future. Costs of business plans by business plan […]

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CAPITALIZATION, how much money do I really need ?

The Saturday Morning Post By Richard,  October 12, 2013 A very good morning  to my fellow consultants, entrepreneurs, freelancers, new business owners, networkers, start-ups and  sales, marketing, and brand professionals. How much money do I really need ? The two considerations to calculate this properly, are how much is needed to start our new business and how much is needed to run […]

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PROJECT CHECKLIST for Going Viral !!

The Saturday Morning Post A very good morning to you all, So now that you have decided on building an App, Software Program or Product, we move to project management.  Project management consists of three areas scope, time, and cost. Scope has three areas function, features, and ergonomics.        Function is efficiently completing the task, […]

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