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4-5-6-, The Marketing Shtick !


By Richard      March 22, 2014






During this phase strong attention must be paid to the enclosed marketing roll-out items and schedule.  And for new readers please review the previous steps to success blogs of feasibility and startup.  This enables you to determine your business roll-out date which is the most critical event of your new business!  Remember to build the schedule by backdating everything from your roll-out date and hopefully allowing some extra time in your schedule.


Construct, test and publish to coincide with your roll-out date.  It’s okay to go live shortly before your roll-out announcement, just keep a low profile. You do not want to lose the big bang effect.


PR tour and release

  • Press release –I suggest you talk about your product first focusing on the exciting and key features, the advantages and their benefits to the user!  A brief description of market size and its maturity, to follow.  Introducing the founders with a brief background to include strong accomplishments and major company experiences is next. Finally the company goals and the numbers you expect to achieve.  Be careful to forecast correctly.  It’s important you get as close to the actual number as possible.  Remember your credibility is on the line and you do not want to look foolish with super hyped numbers.
  • PR tour –suggest you schedule this a month or two prior to your roll-out date nothing earlier. You do not want to lose attention and impact of your roll-out. Visiting 10 to 15 key publications of trade and consumer are appropriate.
  • Embargo –generally speaking you never want to telegraph your roll-out, it takes away from the big bang and the buzz!  Embargo specifically with a released date and time.  This is a standard practice within the industry and it is safe to assume they will abide by your request.


Distribution – usually consists of an outside (direct sales force or manufactures Reps or brokers) and an inside sales force, with wholesale distributors and affiliates complementing your distribution needs.   Caution! I would tend to interview these people as late in the game as possible because you can count on them being excited and spreading the word inadvertently.  You do not want this to get back your competitors.  Also keep the conversation general avoiding the specifics if possible. This is one of those judgment calls on a case by case basis.


Trade show –your premier event and the centerpiece of your rollout!!

Booth planning and placement is key.  When selecting your booth location find out where the big players are, competitors location and the best traffic lanes. Getting a good location first time around is extremely difficult because booths are usually selected by seniority.

If possible include a small office for privacy for your large customers and meetings.  There will be a further complete and in-depth discussion on trade shows in the next blog, Roll-out.


Google Setup–   The 5 G’s,    All FREE & KEY!

  • G mail- a must for all Google access.
  • Google analytic s –for your website.
  • Google plus –for posting and community access.
  • Google Author for blogging, recognition and identity.
  • Google local – for search and advertising.


Social site business pages – convert or set up business pages for Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn if appropriate, connecting them to your web site.  You probably can get a publish plug-in for your website which will allow you to connect and publish information from your site directly to your social sites.


Norton setup –if you are doing  commerce this is a great plus.


Advertising setup –you can start with as little as $25.00 with each advertiser and start and stop your add at will, allowing you to control your budget.  Suggest Google AdWords, Facebook, and twitter to begin with.  LinkedIn is pricier. Craigslist is reasonably priced with a huge audience and worth your consideration.


Luck and success,



Dos & Donts

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